Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gold digger

jacket - SheIn
top - Primark
jeans - Blue Spice
boots - ebay

Neutrals, greys, khakis, creams and of course, black. I.e. the dream colour scheme. This was the apparent genius behind Yeezy's collection, the idea that you can pair any two items and they will match with ease.

And I am 100% jumping on this minimalist bandwagon to maybe inspire some sort of order to my overflowing wardrobe. 

SheIn are always my go-to for unique wintery pieces and their sweatshirt game is on point. Like, really. Here are some of my favourites i.e. threatening my finances. Minimalism plan off to a good start.

Which is your favourite?


P.s. I would also like to mention my devastation at the tragic events in Paris as well as the atrocities that are constantly going on globally due to a minor group of warped individuals. They are not an entire religion, or a force to be reasoned with but they will be stopped and we will reach a time when events like these become a rarity rather than a trending twitter topic.
Stay safe, wherever you are <3

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

OASAP x November

With Christmas being just around the metaphorical corner, November is the month of wishlists. Wishlists for Santa and wishlists stemming from my excessively frivolous spending habits (all those in favour of cheaper cocktails know the struggle).
Here I have selected my recent favourites from Oasap, one of my trusty Aladdin's Cave destinations, where I am always bound to find a few gems, and gems I have found.

Praying this lace up trend lasts forever, I can retain the effortless-flowery-fields-perfume-advert vibes even if I have about six layers over the top.

Six layers of this cardigan preferably. Simple and in my favourite colour palette, what more excuse do I need? (Other than it looks ridiculously cosy.)

Another ode to a lost summer in this shirt, but perfect none the less. Can never have too many stripes, right?

I never knew my love for ponchos would be rekindled, but the flames are once again burning brightly. I am 100% in favour of the boho, Pocohontas look and I feel possessing this piece would allow me to achieve it. 100%.

Which piece would you pick?


Saturday, 31 October 2015

It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

I predict that tonight will be filled with excessive fake blood use, scaring young children and many a tequila (we're burnt to dust at) sunrise.
Happy Scaring Spooky people!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

out of the woods

Photos by Milan Kovac

These photos were part of a wonderful shoot I took part in earlier this year, but felt they were very apt to be posted now. That and the fact I have been ridiculously busy this week to take anything new, with magical news that I can hopefully share at some point next year :)

I really can't believe we are in October (!) already. The start of 2015 could literally have been last week and this year has been one I'd like to stick around for a little longer. 
Anyway, whilst the year may be in it's final chapter, Halloween still beckons which - being perhaps my favourite dress up opportunity - I shall of course have a post in store for.

What are you planning to dress up as?


Saturday, 10 October 2015

We don't need each other now

Photos by Sophie Kutay

A brief interrim post, but on something I feel is important.
To my friends and family, I am constantly insisting that they believe in themselves whole heartedly. That self confidence and endless positivity is by far the best mindset to take and to ignore those who tear down those ambitions.
How easy it is to serve up advice without even considering taking a helping for yourself.

Although confidence in myself and my own abilities has grown, especially in recent years, it's still something which is a pressing issue, despite it being one that is overshadowed by every other menial aspect of life. Like an impenetrable weed it started off insignificant and small, but when ignored can work it's way into every inch of your existence, plaguing each decision with a mask of self doubt. 

Even walking into Costa and rehearsing my three word order so I'm not holding up the woman behind who is obviously far more in need of her coffee than I.
Using sorry as a filler for almost every awkward encounter when 90% of the time, it is 100% not my fault.

I am here to therefore say it is time we remember who we are and no matter our hair colour, social status, waist size or tea preference, our existences are valid. Our opinions are valid. Our 3am thoughts about the formation of the universe is valid.

It's taken me this long to acknowledge the popular people at school were always just people. It doesn't matter what clique you belong to or american sitcom you prefer, there is ultimately no reason why you should doubt yourself.


Friday, 25 September 2015

Dirty Velvet

Quirky, thought provoking and refreshingly different are most certainly boxes I want to be ticked when I'm investigating new brands. Dirty Velvet seems to do all this and much more.
When I spotted their 100% unique designs I knew I had to have a piece of the action and am lucky enough to have chosen a couple of items for my own wardrobe.

The pieces are a statement all by themselves so I kept the rest of the outfits minimal, opting for muted colours (shocking for me, I know). 
The UFO t shirt reminded me of old school Hollywood movie posters and is such an ideal staple t shirt with a multitude of outfit possibilities.
My favourite has marginally got to be the sweatshirt however, the simple graphic design is literally the stuff of dreams and fits so effortlessly into my wardrobe. I feel much more of their A/W items will be on my Christmas list..

Which is your favourite?


Friday, 18 September 2015

You're the apple of my eye

top - CNDirect
trousers - CNDirect
hat - Missguided
shoes - Allsaints
necklace - ebay

Since purchasing those grid print beauties from Primark, my love affair with trousers is yet to burn out. I am still surprised it took me this long to give them a second glance..
So when kindly asked to pick out some things from CN Direct, this pair had a place in my shopping basket straight away. High waisted with ribbed detailing, they remind me of riding pants but in a beautiful navy colour. 
And they of course go so well with this simple white shirt which I am desperate to wear as much as possible before the sun departs us. I have so many white shirts, but not one without a collar. Therefore a purchase totally justified. Of course. 

How do you style a white shirt?


look it's a lookbook look